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Modern Interior Design


Best Design Center is a New Jersey based interior design company that specializes in delivering high quality commercial and residential interior design solutions. We installs flooring of all types, tiles, carpets, interior accessories, counter-tops, kitchen cabinets, stylish knobs, handles, vanities, mirrors, bathroom & kitchen renovations as well as modern and/or traditional custom solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Serving since 1985, our family owned and operated business is driven by our passion to serve our clients with the best products and workmanship available in the market. We have been creating beautiful living spaces for over 30 years. Whether your style is traditional or modern, rustic or luxurious, BEST’s design professionals have the experience to help you choose the products and design that suit your style and budget.

As the owner of organization Munawar Ahmad (Mike) says; “The core of my business stands on one basic principle; serve others to the best of your ability”. Best Design Center has truly embraced this principle and it has resulted in over 80% repeat business, top rankings in the region and a growing clientele that is built on referrals of existing customers and the plain old word of mouth.


Our services

-  Kitchen Remodeling

We aspire to create the most beautiful and functional kitchens for our clients. We believe in the symbiotic relationship between form and function, art and design. As such, we take a holistic approach to inventing inspired spaces that are meant to be used as well as admired. We help our clients capture the warmth and beauty of both contemporary and traditional kitchens along with the benefits of the most advanced technology available.

-   Bathroom Renovation

When installing a new bathroom, or remodeling a current one, there are many steps to take in before even starting the actual construction process. At Best Design Center, we have experts that will work with you a 100% through brainstorming process all the way to the final touches. We guarantee you that when we are finished with your refurbished bathroom, you’ll be more satisfied than you ever thought you would be when starting the project.

-  Flooring

We carry an unprecedented selection of tile, carpet and flooring. Our flooring associates are happy to help you choose from a variety of flooring products to help you select the carpet or flooring that best fits your needs.

-  Interior Design

We invite you to discover one of the most comprehensive collections of furnishings and design resources in the USA. Today, with a talented staff of Interior Designers and Artisans, BEST offers a tradition of design excellence, integrity, and craftsmanship that is unparalleled.

-  Construction

BEST is a family owned and operated Design and Build Construction Firm that boasts over 30 years of home building experience. Over that time span, our company has been serving New Jersey as accomplished and skilled home builders and re-modelers. Mike began his career in the construction industry in the 80’s and continues to display his leadership and energy by always being first on the job site. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and unrivaled attention to the smallest detail of every construction project. His breadth and depth of experience is without parallel in the industry and is of singular value to our clients.

-  Accessories

BEST’s accent accessories and wall decor come from all over the world, offering unique interior decorating ideas that heighten the style of any space.

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